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Germany x Reader
The New Guy

It was a typical Monday morning and you were walking to school with your best friend, Lovino Vargas.
As the two of you neared the school's gates you saw an excited group of girls giggling and chatting loudly. "Ugh, they're annoying." Your Italian friend stated "______, find out what they're on about, would you?" Lovino finished, shoving you towards the girls.
Slightly annoyed with Lovino, you stumbled over to the girls and spotted your Hungarian friend Elizabeta slumped against a wall, looking bored. "Hey, what's everyone so hyped up about?" You asked.
Upon hearing your voice she straightened up to greet you. "Ah _____, haven't you heard? There's a new guy starting today."
"Really?" You asked, interested.  Since the day you began at this school there wasn't one new student, this was big news.
"Igen." Elizabeta nodded. "He sounds German to me. He's pretty cute too."
You blinked, slowly digesting this piece of information. You couldn't believe it, there was actually a new guy.
You quickly thanked Elizabeta and hurried off to find Lovino and tell him the news.

"What the fu-"
"Lovino!" You scolded, cutting him off.
"But don't you see, _____? This is a crisis!" He cried.
"Why? I don't get what's so bad about it."
"He's a German Potato-Sucking-Bastard! We don't need one of them in our school!"
"Riiiiiiiiiiight," you said, nodding slowly. "Sure Lovino, sure."
"Idiota, it's true." Lovino insisted.
"Whatever, let's get to class.
A short time later you took your seat at the back of your English classroom with Lovino sitting at the desk to your left.
As the rest of the class filed into the room, someone you didn't recognise claimed the empty seat to year right. Upon closer inspection you realized he was pretty good looking. He was tall with a muscular build, his white-blonde hair was slicked back and his piercing blue eyes were locked with your own deep, (e/c) ones.
You were 100% certain that he was the new guy, he had to be. But the rumours were wrong. This guy wasn't cute, he was the freakin' hottest guy you'd ever laid eyes on.

To your left, Lovino cleared his throat, snapping you out of your daze. You blushed tomato-red as you realized that you'd been staring at your new classmate. 'Nice one, ____.' You thought. 'Great way to start things off with the new guy'.
You quickly glanced over at Lovino to see him glaring at the German man, his eyes filled with hatred.
You finally turned your attention to the front of the room where the teacher had at last taken his place. He rubbed his eyes sleepily before addressing the class. "Good morning everyone." He began, "As many of you may have noticed, we have ourselves a new student. Mr. Beilschmidt, would you be so kind as to introduce yourself?"
"Ja" Came his solemn reply. The handsome young German pushed out his chair and stood slowly. His intense blue eyes scanned the room before he spoke. "Hallo everyone." He said in a thick German accent. He sounded so strong and manly, you couldn't help but blush. "Mein name is Ludwig Beilschmidt, pleased to meet you. I have just moved here from Germany. Danke."
As he finished introducing himself you almost found yourself disappointed, you loved his accent.
'Now hold on one-cherry-picken'-minute here, _____.' You thought to yourself, alarmed. 'You can't think these things about the new guy. It's not cool.' You felt a blush creep into your cheeks and hastily covered it up with your hands. You then felt something soft tap you on the shoulder. Your head snapped to the right to see Ludwig looking at you with a concerned look on his face.
"You okay, fräulein?" He asked softly, his deep blue eyes searching your own (e/c) ones.
"She's fine." Said a familiar yet cold voice. Both you and Ludwig turned to see Lovino, still glaring daggers at Ludwig. Ludwig backed away slightly and straightened up. Not wanting to cause trouble with Lovino, he gave you a small nod and turned his attention back towards the teacher.
You snuck an annoyed glance at Lovino who, to your surprise, was staring at you. But unlike when he stared at Ludwig, his face was soft and relaxed. You shook your head in disbelief, sometimes you just could not understand that boy.
English class was finally over and you were in a rush to get to your next class- maths. Maths is the one class of the day that you didn't have with Lovino but that was okay 'cause now Ludwig was in your class. 'Ah, Ludwig.' You thought, 'I'd better apologize about earlier, Lovino was pretty rude. Well, Lovino's always rude but not to that extent'. You chuckled.
You quickly stopped off at your locker to get your maths books and began to make your way to your next class. However, you'd taken about five steps from your locker when someone roughly pushed past you, knocking you straight into a wall and causing your books to fly from your arms. "Dude, watch it!" Complained the guy who'd pushed you.

As you scrambled to pick up all your books a tall shadow appeared above you. You paid it no mind until you heard the voice that accompanied it.  "You pushed her. Now leave her alone, ja?"
You looked up, startled to see Ludwig standing in front of you, his arms crossed protectively.  For what seemed like ages Ludwig stood there glaring at the guy who'd pushed you. Finally, the guy backed away. "Whatever, man" He muttered as he walked away "I need a burger."
Ludwig looked down at you, a small smile playing on his lips. "We meet again, fräulein." He said, extending his hand to help you up. You blushed and took it. His grip was soft yet firm as he pulled you up off the ground.
As you stood the German let go of your hand so you could brush yourself off. You looked up to see him watching you intently. 'Wow, I cannot believe this! Ludwig is standing right in front of me. ____, calm down and thank him and while you're at it you might as well apologize to him about earlier.' You thought, giving yourself a mental pep-talk.
"U-uh, hi Ludwig." You said, smiling nervously. "Thanks for helping me just before, that was really good of you."
"Oh, it vas nozing." He said, his small smile slowly growing larger. "Oh, und before I forget, vhat is your name?"
"M-my name? _-____, _____ _____, it's a pleasure to meet you Ludwig." You said, extending your hand, wishing him to take it. Ludwig laughed but shook your hand nonetheless.
"Ja, zat is a very pretty name." He chuckled. "But zere is no need to be so formal, ____."
'Ugh, of course' You thought, mentally kicking yourself. 'I sounded like a total dork.' Ludwig then turned to leave.
"Oh, and Ludwig." You said, capturing his attention once more. "I'm sorry about earlier, in English class. My friend Lovino, he can be pretty rude at times."
This caused the German to chuckle again. Ah, you were getting fond of that chuckle. "Nein, it'z not your fault. Your friend seems to be very protective of you. He must care about you a lot."
"Huh? What makes you say that?" You asked, confused.
Ludwig didn't say anything, he merely jerked his thumb to your left. You looked over to see none other than Lovino, glaring at the two of you from behind a locker. Upon seeing this, you blushed. He panicked when he realized that he'd been caught and ran off to go to his next class. You shook your head and sighed, returning your attention back to Ludwig who was smirking.
"C'mon Ludwig, we're gonna be late for class."
The rest of the week flew by and before you knew it, it was Friday afternoon. You'd spent the week getting to know Ludwig and goofing off with Lovino (as usual).

You and Lovino were walking out of the school when you heard someone call your name. Both you and Lovino turned around to see Ludwig running up to you, slightly sweaty and out of breath.  "_-___," He panted "Guten tag."
"What do you want?" Lovino scowled impatiently.
Completely ignoring your Italian companion, Ludwig continued.  "Could I talk to you for a minute?" He paused, looking at Lovino and then back to you. "In private?"
A bit unsure, you nodded and walked over to him. Lovino huffed loudly in annoyance and stormed off into the direction of his house. You shook your head, Lovino never was a very patient person. Snapping out of your thoughts, you looked up at Ludwig.
"_-__, I vas vondering..." He began.
"Yeah?" You prodded, urging him to continue.  You were so nervous, what was he going to say?
A light shade of pink started to creep into his cheeks. "Vell, I vas vondering if perhaps ve could be, you know... friends?" He asked, looking down at his shoes.
You felt a wild mix of emotions pump through your heart. Surprise, happiness and... disappointment. You looked up at your German classmate who was looking at you intently, as if trying to take in every single detail you had to offer. Upon seeing this you blushed a little. You smiled. "Of course, Ludwig. I'd love to be your friend." You said. You felt something rise up within you, like waves crashing against the shore. Before you knew what was happening, you lunged forwards and pulled Ludwig into a quick yet warm hug.
Ludwig was shocked. He couldn't believe that you wanted to be friends with someone like him... and you hugged him. He felt so... so... so happy.  He felt you begin to pull away but he swiftly pulled you back into him, his strong arms keeping you in place.
The two of you stayed that way for a couple of minutes, enjoying each others warmth. When you finally pulled away you looked up to see Ludwig smiling down at you.
"Danke, _____." He said softly.
You blushed, he looked so cute. "N-no problem, Ludwig."
You looked down at your watch to see that it was already quarter-to-five. 'Shit,' You thought 'I've got a butt-load of homework to do. I gotta get home!'
You looked up at Ludwig one last time. His blue eyes were flat, like he knew that you had to leave. "I'm sorry Ludwig, I gotta go. I've got tons of homework." You apologized, walking towards the school gates. "Thanks again. I'll see you on Monday!" With that, you waved and ran off, out of sight.
As he watched you disappear around the corner, Ludwig growled with frustration. He turned around and ran at all, kicking it with full-force, letting out his anger.
"Vhy?" He whispered sadly. "Vhy couldn't I tell her?!"
Six months had past since Ludwig and yourself had agreed to become friends. Lovino was livid when he found out, yelling obscenities about the so-called "potato-bastard". But despite Lovino's protesting, the two of you became closer with every passing day.
But the last month or so was different. You got a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach whenever Ludwig was around. You always felt so happy... what was happening to you?

It was just your average Saturday, there was a nice cool breeze and the sun was lovely and warm. You were walking through the park with Lovino to your left and Ludwig to your right, just like the day you first met Ludwig.

After a while you and Ludwig sat in the shade of a large, old oak tree. Lovino, the impatient fool that he is, decided to sit in the tree.
"I am your king! _____, Potato-sucking-bastard, bow down to me!" He commanded, pointing at the two of you. Ludwig ignored him. You shook your head and sighed.
"Lovi, get the heck down from there. You're gonna fall and hurt yourself."
Lovino only laughed. "Idiota, I'll be fine. Watch this!" He said confidently. He then jumped from his branch, did a flip and landed perfectly on two feet, unscathed. "Tadaaa~"
"Show off..." Ludwig grumbled.
"Lovino! Don't do that, you could've been hurt." You said half-heartedly, he never listened to you anyway.
"Yeah yeah, whatever." He smirked, brushing you off. "I think I deserve and ice-cream. _____, I'm getting one for you as well. But Mr. Potato-bastard over there doesn't get one." He blurted, running off before anyone could object.
You sighed. "Honestly, that guy is such a weirdo. I dunno why I'm friends with him." You said, ending the sentence with a smile. You turned to your right to see Ludwig staring at you. He blushed when he realized that he'd been caught.
"J-ja he iz odd." He mumbled, still looking at you.
Your smile widened, Ludwig was so cute. You felt a sudden overwhelming feeling of happiness wash through your body, you loved being around Ludwig. It just felt so... so right.
"_-____" Ludwig stuttered, moving on. "D-do you perhaps have feelingz for Lovino?" He finished blushing insanely.
You instantly felt your face heat up. Your heart beat quickened, his question had taken you by surprise, you didn't know what to do. "N-no, of c-course not." You managed to get out. "We're ju-"
You didn't get to finish for you were cut off by Ludwig's strong arms pulling you into a tight hug. You felt one of his hands move to the back of your head as he buried is face in your hair, inhaling your smell.
"Gut." You heard him say, his voice barely above a whisper. "I-I don't know vhat I vhould do if you d-did."
You where so shocked, what in god's name was happening here?! Despite the shock of it all, having Ludwig's arms around felt so nice, so comforting. It just felt... right. You closed your eyes. "L-Ludwig."
Ludwig slowly removed his head from your hair and shifted so your eyes were level, causing you to look him straight in the deep blue eyes that you'd become so find of.
"_-____," He began, taking a deep breath. "I have admired you ever since ze moment I first laid mein eyes on you. You're so beautiful, so refined yet so stable u-und persistent. Y-you took mein breath away."
By this stage your faces were both flushed a deep shade of red. Your heart was racing a hundred miles an hour and your smile stretched from one ear to another. Tears of happiness formed in your eyes as you gazed lovingly at the German man in front of you.
"Oh, Lud-" You were cut of by Ludwig cupping your cheeks and leaning in, gently placing his lips on yours. You gasped in surprise. His lips were so soft yet so... wow. You didn't know how to describe them.
Ludwig reluctantly pulled back, surprised by your positive reaction. A small smile plastered on his handsome face. "_____," He said softly, his voice intense. "Ich liebe dich."
You tilted your head slightly and looked at him in confusion, causing him to chuckle. "It means "I Love You" in German."
As soon as the words reached your ears your happy tears began to flow freely down your cheeks. You threw yourself at him in a quick hug. "Holy shit." You giggled, "Oh, Ludwig, I love you too!"
With that, Ludwig grinned, a grin so huge you would've thought it impossible for someone like him. But then again, he was the only person like him, he was one of a kind. And he was all yours, as you were all his.
Ludwig shuffled backwards to lean against the tree and gently pulled you into his lap. You looked up into his eyes and sighed dreamily. He responded to this by promptly smashing his lips down, on top of yours. You ran your hands through his still slicked-back hair, messing it up. He pulled you in closer to his chest, deepening the kiss. His tongue slowly licked your lips, begging for entrance, which you happily granted. Then began a battle for dominance, which he quickly won. His tongue searched every nook and cranny your mouth had to offer, causing you to moan with pleasure.
You and Ludwig quickly broke apart and turned to see Lovino standing before you, two ice-creams splattered on the ground either side of him.



This is my first CountryXReader, so don't slaughter me if it sucks. PLUS, it's my first ever fanfiction, that in mind, I think I've done a pretty good job. :nod:
Haha, I just had to put Lovino in, he cracks me up. I hope the characters aren't to OOC, especially Ludwig.
Und: And (german)
Fräulein: Young Lady (german)
Idiota: Idiot (italian)
Igen: Yes (hungarian)
Ja: Yes (german)
Mein: My (german)
Danke: Thank You (german)
Nein: No (german)
Guten Tag: Good Day (german)
Ich liebe dich: I love you (german)
Gut: Good (german)

BTW, Alfred's in here, see if you can spot him. :XD:

Ludwig, Elizabeta, Lovino, Alfred © :iconhimaruyaplz:
You © You :XD:

Enjoy~ :heart:
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That was amazing. Germany is my favorite, don't get me wrong, but I like Romano too. You should make a part 2 that has to do with reader-chan apologising to Romano cuz I feel soooooooo freaking baaaaaaaad. It's just I thought that Lovino really liked reader-chan, but just didn't have the guts to tell her or something since he began to be really protective all of a sudden. But yeah, you should make a part 2, if you want of course.
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Nice story! Love it! :3
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How can I not like it? :D

This thing features two of my most favourite characters (though nobody beats Prussia ;)) and has a funny thing going for it. Romano's tsundere-ness always makes me laugh and Germany is just always cute to me in these types of fics. Makes me wanna go Italy on him!

"Doitsu!" :glomp:

(Why do I always make these so LONG?!)
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